Photography by Werner Mantz Lab / Elsa Stansfield Lab Van Eyck


Photography by An Onghena

Testbook   -   March '17 - March '18 consists of images of 49 material tests for new work, each photographed from the front and back and printed on half transparent paper on the front and back of each page. The objects are all printed at scale 1:1.

Cover Design
An Onghena

RISO ComColor 7150 at Charles Nypels Lab / Anne Pétronille Nypels Lab

Werner Mantz Lab / Elsa Stansfield Lab


Special thanks to
An Onghena, Jo Frenken, Margriet Thissen, Romy Finke, Jos Nelissen, Roosje Klap, Katherine MacBride, Tamara Kuselman, Alexandra Phillips, Sophie Schmidt, Banu Cennetoğlu, Mathieu Bruls and Bas de Wit

This book was made possible with the support of the Jan van Eyck Academie / Margaret van Eyck Academie